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    Professional ultrasonic blinds and curtains cleaning and repair service in Melbourne

    Full blinds and curtain service

    Have you suddenly noticed how grimy your curtains and blinds are looking? If so, it’s probably time for a spring clean or a new bind installation.

    The team at True Value Blind & Curtain Cleaning and Repair in Melbourne can help. We clean and repair blinds and curtains. Do you realize some of your blinds and curtains looks like need to be replaced but after we clean and repair they can still be last longer.

    In the event that your blinds are not able to be serviced, we are able to offer new blinds, with products and installation.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our aim is to take away the drudgery of self-cleaning, and with our technology, we ensure the results are always of the highest quality. We are so confident in our product that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we do. What's more, we have unbeatable prices on services and products, and we are happy to give on-the-spot quotes.

    Environmentally friendly products

    Caring for the environment is high on our agenda here at True Value Blind & Curtain Cleaning, which is why we use only green products and solutions in our cleaning procedures. These products are the most modern available, and we combine them with the latest ultrasonic cleaning technology for quality results.

    Latest ultrasonic cleaning technology

    Ultrasonic blind cleaning is state-of-the-art technology.The equipment utilizes a digital generator powering transducers submerged in a tank of hot water. The transducers vibrate at a frequency of 40 KHz creating millions of tiny bubbles that form and implode.This repeated formation and implosion creates a gentle cleaning action on the blind known as Cavitation. Cavitation has the ability to not only clean the surfaces of the blind, but also penetrate into the difficult to clean internal and crevice areas. It is safe and gentle on your blinds. The ultrasonic blind cleaning method will not scratch, pit or damage the blind the way that conventional cleaning methods can.

    Free Voucher and Discounted offers

    Just simply print out this voucher, hand it to our technician after get your free quotation, then you will get %10 discounted in total price.
    Call us today on 1300 150 188 for more information! 
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